Australian Visa for Filipino Girlfriend

Are you looking for a specialist at getting visas for Filipino women? Do you need to get an Australian visa for Filipino girlfriend? We have helped over one thousand Filipino women get Australian visas.  Visas for all purposes.  Getting married, holidays, even having a baby in Australia!  We can assist with:

We will get your Filipino girlfriend an Australian visa

Firstly, we specialise in visas from the Philippines. Our Senior Migration Agent has been getting visas for Filipino ladies for more than a decade.  With over 1000 visa approvals and counting. All of our Agents have been through this process themselves.  With their own wives. We can tell you what to do. Even if she does not have a job. If she also has no bank savings. If you have only know her for a short time.

Who can we help?

Typically we deal with Australian men who have met a Filipino lady on the internet.  They then visit the lady once or twice on holiday in the Philippines. Then they decide to bring her to Australia. That is where we come in.

Getting your Filipino girlfriend a permanent visa to live in Australia

If you want to bring her to Australia permanently – we will make it happen.

We specialise in bringing Filipino ladies to Australia permanently. If you have met the lady of your dreams and want to bring her here to Australia – then let us know and we will tell you how to keep her in Australia. So that she can live with you permanently. Make sure you get specialist partner visa advice.

Early on, we will discuss the requirements for a partner visa. That way you will know exactly what you need to do to keep her in Australia permanently.

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Who will be preparing the visa for my Filipino girlfriend?

Its always nice to know who you are dealing with – make sure you check out our quick chat we had with our Senior Migration Agent.

What are the costs and how long will it take to bring my Filipino girlfriend to Australia?

We charge a standard fee to prepare a high quality application for your Filipino girlfriend. The Marriage visa and de facto visa cost is the same.

If your sure you want to bring your lady from the Philippines to Australia permanently, then check out our premium package.  You can bring her to Australia in around 4 weeks. Then she can stay while her permanent Partner visa is being processed! Finally, its all at a discount rate.

Once in Australia, your Filippino girlfriend will be allowed to stay while she waits for her Permanent Australian visa to be approved.  It will normally take around 15 months.. There are a lot of factors that affect the time.  You can find more about how long your visa will take here.

We can even get her a visa so that while she remain in Australia – waiting for her permanent visa- she can travel overseas and come back to Australia!

How can I extend an Australian visa for my Filipino girlfriend?

If your Filipino girlfriend or Filipino wife is already in Australia on a visitor visa.  You can get us to apply to extend her stay in Australia for up to 12 months.

What will I have to do?

We will send you a list of required documents.  We will prepare all of the application.  All you have to do is provide some documents including your passport, your drivers licence and information about your work.

I’m on a pension, can I still sponsor my Filipino girlfriend to come to Australia.

Yes, even if your on a Centrelink pension you can still sponsor your wife or girlfriend from the Philippines to Australia.  You will need to get the application professionally prepared.

My Filipino girlfriend is pregnant can she get an Australian visa?

picture of pregnant Filipino ladyIf your Filipino girlfriend is pregnant then be sure to contact us.  We will help you bring her to Australia so that she can access Medicare and have the baby in Australia.  Your child will automatically be an Australian citizen!

Pregnant women can fly until they are seven months pregnant.  So, if you act quickly she can come to Australia and have your baby.

Perhaps your Filipino girlfriend has had her visa application refused.  We will ensure that she gets her visa.


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