18th Sep 2017

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How to Bring my Cambodian Girlfriend to Australia

Do you have a girlfriend in Cambodia? Do you need to bring a lady from Cambodia to Australia.  Would you would like your Cambodian girlfriend to visit you? Do you want a permanent visa for your Cambodian wife to live in Australia. Many Australian men meet lovely ladies in Cambodia. The next step of your journey will be to get her an Australian visa. I have set out some of the things to consider.


Australian Visa for my Cambodian Girlfriend

First, if you want to bring her to Australia. Then you will need a visa. Applications from Cambodia are difficult. Cambodian women rarely have employment. When they do its so low paid. Many have no other reasons to return to Cambodia. This is why it is hard to convince Immigration that they will return. Most Cambodian applications fail.


Everyone wants out of Cambodia

Second, Cambodia has a war-torn history. Australian Immigration also think that every woman wants to leave Cambodia forever. To get a visa to Australia.  You must show that you will leave Australia. For Cambodians this is hard. Because the quality of life is so much higher in Australia.  Even when she does have a job. Immigration wont give it much weight. They know its still more attractive to work in Australia. She still won’t get the visa.

Scammers everywhere

Finally, you also face corruption. In Cambodia, people will tell you anything for a dollar. Your Cambodian girlfriend will face scams. Saying she needs to pay money. To have her application considered. She then also needs to pay money to have her application approved. This is all false, of course, but it is difficult for her to deal with alone. If you want to avoid this and also save her the trouble. Then please use a professional visa service. Use the Australian Visa Team.

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